Your employees are the most important part of your business, and we take pride in making sure that they have a safe and healthy place to work. The best way to fight disease is through preparation and prevention. 

Lighting Systems

Many of our clients love our lighting service. While we're cleaning your facility we will be on the lookout for burned out fixtures. We'll can quickly get the proper replacement fixture and install it for you before you even realize its out! 

Large object clean up
If you have construction taking place, or need something large and bulky removed from your facility, we're your team! We have a team that is specifically dedicated to the cleanup and removal of large objects and assorted cleanups. Ask about our Junk Removal Service today! 

OSHA 291910.1200 General Industry
OSHA 29CFR 1910-1030 Blood Borne pathogen act
EPA environmental protection agency

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We provide full service cleaning and building maintenance services to a wide variety of businesses.

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